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Song4MS | Update #2

What an overwhelming response I've had to the 1st Update on the Song for MS. The amazing words, thoughts and feelings that have been coming through have given me some incredible inspiration to continue writing the song.

During the week however, a suggestion was made for me to consider changing the key lyrics in the chorus from 'Keep on Smiling' to 'Keep on Shining'. I didn't mind the idea, but ran it past my 2 mates Nat and Rory Challis who both liked the suggestion.

So, now I'm putting out to you to get your opinion.

Watch the video and let me know your opinion. Should we change the lyrics to 'Keep on Shining'? Or should we leave it as 'Keep on Smiling'?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment 'Shine' or 'Smile'.

I'll let you know how we go in the next update.

Thanks for your wonderful support of the Song for MS.

Cheers, Marie xx

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